Do It Yourself Bonefishing

Do It Yourself Bonefishing


Do It Yourself Bonefishing is the authoritative guide written for DIY anglers targeting bonefish on the fly. Divided into easy-to-reference sections, this book will help you tackle the why, where, and how of self-guided bonefishing. Informed by twenty years of experience on the flats, Rod Hamilton and Kirk Deeter describe the allure of matching wits with one of fly fishing's most elusive targets and discuss the reasons why more and more fly fishermen are seeking the challenge of catching bonefish without the aid of a guide. Do It Yourself Bonefishing is packed with useful tips to help all levels of fly fishermen locate and catch more of one of the world's premier gamefish. Learn stalking strategies, how to spot bonefish, appropriate fly selection, and where to find the fish.

As you plan your bonefishing trip, the authors' destination chapters and "Seven-Day Sample Trip" itineraries suggest where to fish, how to get there, and places to stay. Included is a list of more than 300 individual bonefish hotspots located throughout the tropics, complete with maps and tips specific to the flat or creek system. Within the "Spousal Rating" section are Hamilton's opinions on how suitable the destination is for nonfishers; the "Nonfishing Activities" section highlights things to do when not fishing. Whether you need help deciding where to go or simply desire greater success while wading on your own, Do It Yourself Bonefishing is where you should start.

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